Tinker States Contador Is The Best Rider

Oleg Tinkov states that he finds Contador to be a strong competitor in the sport of cycling.

The owner of Tinkoff-Saxo, Oleg Tinkov states clearly that Contador is the best of his generation. Heading into the season of 2015, Alberto Contador is proving to be strong. He is attempting to win Tour de France as well as Giro d’Italia.

It is his 33rd year and he is opting for retirement as well but if he is going to capture doubles, he is sure to think about hanging up his boots. Going by the last year 2014, things are speeding up for him as it was calmer and lighter earlier.

There is no doubt that Contador has received criticisms in the past but for the upcoming generation as well as for the ongoing generation he is considered to be the best rider. His preparation for the dual round is undergoing, considering the effort with which he is performing in 2015.

Cyclist Travels With Single Leg Over The Pyrenees

With one leg and one arm Christian Haettich completed the cycling in summer crossing the Alps, the Dolomites and the Pyrenees. The event was for amateur cyclists which continued for three weeks. He enjoys to cycle around the southern part of England. Amidst the riders who are able-bodied, Christian Haettich seems fitter than the rest.

In 2014 he was given the opportunity to ride through the Haute Route. The best part of the amateur is similar to the professional cyclists as the route of the ride remains the same. Friends join in along with the riders to support them as it is in football. High peaks were also part of the cycling route by the riders. The Pyrenees cover included climb of 19,000 metres, ascent of 21 and over 7 days the race got completed.

Alberto Contador To Join The Team for Kilimanjaro

Alberto Contador along with Peter Sagan is going to meet in Tanzania for climbing the highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro, in Africa. The manager of the team has asked to administer a team. He wants to see how the team performs under pressure and with great height. The camp is going to be for 6 days in Tanzania. Joining the trek are Sean Yates and Bobby Julich.

As far as the highest mountain in free standing is concerned it is Kilimanjaro. The athletes who are elite will have an enjoyable time. For at least 8 hours they will be going on great height. The camp at the base is going to be of 4040 metres. For the summit departure they have to travel for 5895 metres. Some riders have the height sickness which can be troublesome. The weather also changes rapidly. A contract was signed for 4m euro. Riis is yearning for a future where team build up will be in process. Every team wants to become the greatest team of cycling world but what is the defining moment is yet to be seen.

A team with ethics that includes morals is desired. The group should be united in spirit. The teams are geared up to join the trek of Kilimanjaro. Pictures are being posted by the team to enjoy the experience. It is going to be an exhilarating experience with fun and technicalities involved in the ride. Smooth ride accompanied with turmoil over the conditions is going to be tough and challenging and whichever team wins over the conditions have an upper hand in the entire ride. Accolades for the team who will be in top three is going to be a tough fight and the competition spirits will be at a high throughout.

Alberto Contador To Win 2014 Velo d’Or Award

Alberto Contador is going to be declared the winner of Velo d’Or award for 2014. This will be the fourth time of Alberto Contador’s winning the best rider of the year award which will be a record. The winner is decided by votes of journalists and the poll is carried out by Velo Magazine, a French publication.

He had to quit the Tour de France that took place in July this year due to a crash that broke his shinbone. He returned to Vuelta a Espana after that and won it for the third time. During his successful spring campaign, he became the winner at Tirreno-Adriatico and at the Tour of the Basque Country. He is just behind Chris Froome on the roll of honour.

For French Cycling, it was very hard to win the award this year. But Jean-Chrisophe Peraud was finally able to win the award as he secured the second place in this year’s Tour de France. Since 1997, no Frenchman has been able to secure such a place in La Grande Boucle.

Officially, the winners will be named in Velo magazine’s next edition which will be published later this month.

The award was created by the Velo Magazine, a French publication in 1992. Previously, Lance Armstrong won the award for five times but he was stripped of his titles after he was found guilty of doping.

Alberto Contador was born in 6th December 1982 in Pinto in the Community of Madrid. His younger brother is afflicted by Cerebral Palsy; his also has an elder brother and an elder sister. His elder brother Francisco Javier introduced Contador to cycling when he was at the age of 14.

Contador and his wife Macarena live in the city of Pinto. In his spare time, Contador enjoys hunting. He also has a penchant for birds and has canaries and goldfinches he personally bred, at home.