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17 thoughts on “Alberto Contador

  1. si es que, los españoles estamos en casi todos los deportes arriba luchando entre los primeros o siendo los mejores, como gasol, nadal, contador, lorenzo, a nivel de clubes, la selección de futbol, baloncesto……

  2. @lofi73 lance never did they need superstar for the sport and if you say alberto is on drugs I believe 120% lance did

  3. I don’t know, I’d like to believe these guys are innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise you just can’t enjoy the sport. These past couple of years with the likes of Rebellin, Ricco and Sella being caught I’ve become rather more optimistic.
    However, I won’t exactly eat my hat if we’re in the same position 5 years down the line…

  4. My guess is you should find a box of tissues then….However bigshot dopers don´t get caught these days

  5. Sweetheartnane. El minuto 1:49-2:10 es cuando Alberto se reivindica por que no dejan correr a su equipo ( Astana ) el Tour 2008

  6. Contador climbed the Verbier at over 1900 metres per hour- easily a new record.
    He’s put in an incredible performance in every grand tour he’s been in since the ’07 Tour.
    If he’s not clean I’ll cry.

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