Cycling legend Alberto Contador says that a quick decision on the Chris Froome case would be for the best. He refused to say exactly his thoughts on the matter but he clearly said that a fast decision would be the best for the sport.

Contador, who recently became a Eurosport commentator,was speaking at the 2018 Vuelta aEspana presentation. He said the decision can’t be delayed as it was bad for everybody, including the race organizers. There are concerns that the Froome case could drag until the summer when the cyclist involved would be seeking victory in the Girod’Italia and a fifth title in Tour de France.

Contador himself has experience of the situation having been involved in a legal battle back in 2010. He tested positive for clenbuterol and the case dragged on until 2012. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) asked him to serve a two year ban, retrospectively. The legend in the game has always insisted that he was innocent of the charge.

The retroactive ban meant Contador lost his 2011 Girod’Italia title he won that term. He also placed fifth in the Tour before the ban cleaned him out. Contador has asked that the case be resolved as soon as possible.

The Vuelta aEspana team got the three time winner to be one of the star attractions at this year’s presentation. A mini documentary about the retired cyclist was presented and it showed the Spanish Grand Tour career of Contador which ended with the FuenteDe  in 2012.

Contador was nostalgic and felt like racing again but said he would not stage a comeback. He said he would have been suited for the route despite the hard days and stress involved.

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