Contador shares his view over the Armstrong

Two times Tour de France champion, Alberto Contador shared his view over the Armstrong drug abuse confession, terming it a “bleak day for cycling” but expressed his utmost faith over the future of the sport despite its tattered condition at present.  Contador, in his thirties now had lost his third championship title in the year 2010 owing to the presence of performance enhancing drug, Clenbuterol that had been found in his blood. According to him, the confessions, despite being utmost damaging for the sport and anybody related to it, at least provides an opportunity to close any portal that might tarnish it any further and move on to prove its glory once more.

He said that it’s imperative for all to forget that past decade and the incidents that marred the face of cycling and move ahead and look forward to “what tomorrow holds”. In his interview he also informed that nothing, that had been admitted by Lance Armstrong had him, or for that matter anybody, surprised at the least.

The Spanish cyclist started off with his routine last August and went on to winning the Vuelta a Espana. Contador also stressed on to something that has been shoved under the curtain for long time now, he highlighted the fact that the medical tests are yet to be standardized in a high performance sport like that of cycling. The lapses have resulted the sport into innumerable incidents amounting to sheer face lose. Despite his hopeful tone regarding the future of the sport, his voice still ringed of despair when he started about the inadequate testing procedures and facilities.

Contador had won the coveted Tour de France in the years 2007 and 2009 and as he spoke to the reporters, he also mentioned his preparations for the Tour de San Luis in Argentina.

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