Alberto Contador, who won the Tour de France three times, was banned for two years after drug test that came positive. The International Cycling Union (UCI) has revoked the license to the Danish team, Saxo’s. They have been allowed to keep their touring status till the end of 2012. However, with the absence of Alberto Contador, it seems bleak that Saxo will actually be able to gather enough points to continue racing in 2013. They are already at the bottom of the world ranking with only two points.

Alberto Contador however refuses to appeal against the two-year ban that was slapped on him by the Swiss Federal Court. He was banned for failing a drug test in 2010 Tour de France where he was victorious. Although Alberto Contador was banned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, he has not stopped pleading for his innocence and will continue fighting for it. Alberto Contador’s lawyers have asked him not to appeal to the Swiss Federal Court as it would be a time consuming venture and wouldn’t help out much. They would get back to CAS and again there would be a dead lock.

Alberto Contador has taken some time off from his training around Easter and is yet to decide on which race he would take part in when his ban ends on the 5th of August 2012.

Following the failed drug test, CAS stripped Alberto Contador of all his titles. He lost his 2010 Tour de France title as well as all his victories from 2011, which included the win at the Giro d’Italia.

Alberto Contador failed the urine test when he was competing at the Tour de France in 2010. He was found positive for the banned clenbuterol, which is an anabolic agent. He pleaded innocent and said that it was because of the contaminated meat he had consumed but the CAS refused to accept his plea.

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