The International Court of Arbitration for Sports is confident that it will be able to issue its ruling regarding the doping case of Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador within the next couple of weeks after the proceedings were delayed that were prompted by the questions raised about the independence of the panel. The Spanish cycling champion was caught for having the banned substance clenbuterol in his system and he faces a ban of at least two years. However, according to the Spaniard, the substance entered into his system from the beef he ate during the race, which contained the substance.

The International Court of Arbitration for Sport had initially planned to deliver a verdict on the case at the start of this month but according to a statement released by it, the delay has been blamed on the completely on the media. According to the statement released, the court said that it had asked the International Cycling Union, Alberto Contador, the Spanish Cycling Federation as well as the World Anti Doping Agency to challenge the composition of the panel that will deliver the verdict on the case, in light of the media reports that came around at that time, but none of them accepted the offer.

The statement that was released on the website of the court also added that this delay was unfortunate for all the parities and it expects to deliver a decision before the 31st of January, 2012. Various reports had emerged regarding the travels of the chairman of the panel Efraim Barak to Spain during the hearing and close to the verdict, an event during which the lawyers representing Alberto Contador were also present and his comments against WADA were also considered as mimicking the voice of the SCF but none of the issues were brought up in court.

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