David Millar calls for probe to figure out cause of motorbike mishaps

Former cycling pro David Millar had already talked out regarding rider safety, something he spoke about again after the tragic death of Belgian cyclist Antoine Demoitié.

Millar, the former Garmin-Sharp rider, believes UCI required to work very hard to crack down on motorbike mishaps following the death of Antoine Demoitié following an collision at the Ghent-Wevelgem on Sunday, but says it’s hard to pinpoint why so many of these accidents are occurring.

Antoine was involved in a break up with other riders as well as a race motorbike on Easter Sunday then later passed away in hospital in Lille in France. Following the death of the twenty-five year old, Miller told that probe required to be conducted following each one in order to resolve why many mishaps of this nature are occurring.
In the wake of the twenty-five year old’s death, David told that probes probe to be carried on after each one in order to finish why so many mishaps of this nature are taking place. Speaking to Cycling Weekly, he told that he believes that everyone told that this is a problem. The thing is until there is a probe into each one of these events and they have decisions from each one this is very tough to know what requires to be altered.
They are all taking place in various situations – different points in races – as well as various nations and he is sure of that it was any other walk of life, there would be a probe after that to work out what actually took place.

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