Alberto Contador Velasco is a Spanish professional cyclist and has achieved a rare feat of winning all three Grand Tours of tour cycling. He started cycling at a very young age of 15 and developed himself to be an all-rounder in cycling over the years as he excelled in all aspects of stage racing.

He has gone through some ups and downs in his professional career as he recovered from a surgery in his early days of his career and was tested positive for doping in year 2010. Sadly he was declared a drugs-doper in February 2012 and was forced to surrender his major titles and jerseys he won during this period.

After recovering from his surgery in 2004, he came back strong to win his first stage race (Setmana Catalana) in 2005 and won many stages in 2006 thus making him prepared for the big event Tour de France in 2007. Contador went on to win the 2007 Tour de France competition by a very close margin – it was a jubilant night even though he had been expected to win the Tour and had been backed by those who bet online at Bet Victor for the Yellow Jersey.

He then shifted to another professional team but couldn’t help himself defending the Tour de France title in 2008 and finished fourth in individual time trial at 2008 Beijing Olympics.

But Contador won two major titles in 2008 (Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana) that entered his name into the history books of being one of the five cyclists winning all three Grand Tours. He also became the youngest player to win all three major events in just 15 months.

This was the Golden period for Contador as he continued to sizzle in major cycling events. He then won 2009 Tour de France where Lance Armstrong made a comeback after surviving cancer and ended up finishing third in the race. Contador was the unanimous choice for people to win 2010 Tour de France and he didn’t disappoint either. The sports betting at Bet Victor went crazy, offering odds of just 1/3 on him winning the Tour, even though there was well over a week to go!

Contador was later accused and found guilty of doping and had to lose everything he earned since 2010 Tour. This not only took away all his titles and jerseys he obtained since 2010 but also lost an opportunity to participate in 2012 London Olympics. He is now free from all his allegations as he served his ban and is hoping for a comeback to retain his status in cycling history.

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