Contador speaks in support of Lance Armstrong

The Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank rodong star Alberto Contador recently came up with a statement where he said that it was a brave decision taken by the USADA to ban Lance Armstrong from cycling. He feels that it would be helpful for the betterment of cycling as cycling is going through a dark phase because of this growing doping culture. Contador is considered among one of the best stage race riders and he thinks that UCI should come up with strict laws regarding the doping issues.

Contador himself faced a doping-ban for using performance enhancing drugs at the 2010 Tour de France. He said that he completely agreed to the decision of stripping Armstrong off of his seven Tour titles as there were clear evidences against him. Alberto Contador returned to cycling after serving the two-year ban period at the Eneco tour back in 2012 August and he claimed fourth overall position there.

Contador commented about the Armstrong case, saying that it was a just decision perhaps. Cycling is going through a rough time and the growing doping culture seems to have left an impact on the image of the sports. If USADA and UCI didn’t have taken the decision then it could be translated as an encouragement for doping. He is of the opinion that cycling will reclaim its own position because the sport is moving fast to get rid of this ill culture.

Alberto Contador’s supporting the ban of Armstrong has created a huge buzz in cycling world and he himself knows it. He said that he had done a mistake and won’t be doing ever. He wants cycling to move forward from this dark phase and for that he suggested that UCI, the Teams and the Managements must take serious steps to prevent this culture. The USADA’s decision to ban and strip Armstrong off of his titles has showed the way and now it is completely on the hands of UCI how they manage to get out of it.