Too tired for the Ardennes Classics

When Alberto Contador entered the Tour of the Basque Country, the most recent leg of the World Tour, he did so with the intention to emerge victorious but after six days and 800 km, questions are emerging whether the Saxo Tinkoff leader is too fatigued for the coming up Ardennes Classics or not.

Cantador participated in the Klasika Primavera de Amorebieta (one day) only after finishing fifth overall at the Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco the previous day and though he inched towards victory following the attack of final climb he finished at the third position. The winner’s jersey was taken home by Rui Costa (Movistar). So, Contador has had a very busy start to the season and this has already started taking a toll on the rider’s body.

After his 1.1 race in Spain, Cantador said, “My legs are burdened and my body is fatigued. However, though we could not win, it was a lot of fun”.

Talking about his performance at the Klasika Primavera de Amorebieta, he said it was only Beñat Intxausti and he on the last climb after his attack and it was a pity that others caught up with only 25 meters left to go and he could only achieve the third place.

Though the Spaniard is never known to participate in a race for mere training or to find his rhythm, his schedule for the 2013 has left people thinking whether or not should he take some rest ahead of the key events like La Fleche Wallonne, Liege Bastonge Liege and the Amstel Gold.

Contador has not yet won at the Ardennes Classics and his best result was the third place that he managed to achieve at the La Fleche Wallonne in 2010 but he has found a place in the provisional start list for both Fleche and Liege.

Now it is to be seen whether he is able to bounce back from his state of tiredness or not.

Contador shares his view over the Armstrong

Two times Tour de France champion, Alberto Contador shared his view over the Armstrong drug abuse confession, terming it a “bleak day for cycling” but expressed his utmost faith over the future of the sport despite its tattered condition at present.  Contador, in his thirties now had lost his third championship title in the year 2010 owing to the presence of performance enhancing drug, Clenbuterol that had been found in his blood. According to him, the confessions, despite being utmost damaging for the sport and anybody related to it, at least provides an opportunity to close any portal that might tarnish it any further and move on to prove its glory once more.

He said that it’s imperative for all to forget that past decade and the incidents that marred the face of cycling and move ahead and look forward to “what tomorrow holds”. In his interview he also informed that nothing, that had been admitted by Lance Armstrong had him, or for that matter anybody, surprised at the least.

The Spanish cyclist started off with his routine last August and went on to winning the Vuelta a Espana. Contador also stressed on to something that has been shoved under the curtain for long time now, he highlighted the fact that the medical tests are yet to be standardized in a high performance sport like that of cycling. The lapses have resulted the sport into innumerable incidents amounting to sheer face lose. Despite his hopeful tone regarding the future of the sport, his voice still ringed of despair when he started about the inadequate testing procedures and facilities.

Contador had won the coveted Tour de France in the years 2007 and 2009 and as he spoke to the reporters, he also mentioned his preparations for the Tour de San Luis in Argentina.

Contador Talks about His Tour de San Luis

Professional cyclist Alberto Contador is currently working on his regime to prepare for the Tour de San Luis which is being held in Argentina this year. The Tour de San Luis started on 21st January 2013 and it’ll go on till 27th January 2013. He is a part of the Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank. Alberto, along with his teammates, Jesus Hernandez, Sergio Paulinho, Niki Sorensen, Benjamin Noval, and Bruno Pires went to Argentina earlier in January to seek out and understand the place and start their practice in the area as a warm up practice regime.

They said that they have a very strict training session prepared in mind and that’s why they wanted to arrive early and start training there itself. Alberto Contador was banned for a few seasons as he was caught in a doping test but he made his comeback, clean, in the Vuelta-a- Espana. In 2012 and he even won it.  That helped him gain back his confidence in the sport. He is also considered to be the best climbing specialist in this field. He and his teammates said that everyone is very helpful and friendly in Argentina and they are happy and inspired by the enthusiasms of the supporters and other teams in this season’s Tour de San Luis.

Alberto also said that he is looking forward to his other races after the Tour de San Luis. He is all set to be a part of the Tour of Oman which is going to be held from 11th to 16th of February in 2013. March is also a busy month for him as he will be talking part in the Tirreno-Adriatico and Crieterium International which are going to be scheduled somewhere from 6th March to 24th March in 2013. Alberto has also shown his desire to win the Tour de France this year.

No Mercy for Dopers, Advocates Contador

Alberto Contador has known well how it feels to be banned due to doping and has clearly stated that proper measures should be taken so that the innocent are not framed and the guilty ones are let off. He strongly feels that over past few years the spirit of the sport has been tainted due to these doping cyclists and many innocent have been thrown behind bars. Pulling in the context of Lance Armstrong, he has also pointed out that Armstrong had been dodging UCI and WADA’s norms and winning as many as seven Tour de France overall wins and has bagged many other titles for so many years until 2012.

It was not before 2012 that USADA went on for a thorough investigation and a 1000 page report was published along with the 26 cyclists testifying for the case and finally Lance was stripped of the titles. Not only had he, Alberto Contador also mentioned there were 11 other like Armstrong who engaged in such activities. They are his former teammates include, Frankie Andreu, Michael Barry, Tom Danielson, Tyler Hamilton, George Hincapie, Floyd Landis, Levi Leipheimer, Stephen Swart, Christian Vande Velde, David Zabriskie  and Jonathan Vaughters.

On having questioned about his suspension Alberto Contador said, “I worked according to the regulations and they said that the victory is not mine, it’s an injustice,” Contador defended himself saying that he had consumed a beef the night before the Tour which may have been contaminated and the test results came unfortunately positive about traces of clenbuterol in his system he said. He missed the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia 2012 but won the Vuelta a Espana. The best cyclist of Peloton is on a mission to make up for the loss at the Tour de France 2013.

Alberto Contador takes Time Trail Challenge

Spanish rider Alberto Contador of Team Saxo Bank – Tinkoff Bank rode the time trial course of the World Championships, before the start of the actual race in order to get back into shape and to get a feel of the track. And speaking to a local media house about the track, the Spaniard admitted that the track had seemed harder in the beginning but that is not the case. And this is something that takes away the advantage he might have had from him.

He briefed the media personnel present that he had been doing some research on the track over the internet and from there, it seemed that it would be quite a difficult track presenting the tricky turns and climbs. However, Alberto Contador stated that he is only familiar with Cauberg out of the three climbs and although it proved to be a bit tricky, the others are, by no means difficult. Contador went on to add that he had hoped that Sint Remigiusstraat situated at 1000 m with a gradient percentage of 7.7 would not be easy, but it didn’t turn out to be bad at all.

The Spaniard, who had been banned for doping for two years, elaborated that neither of these climbs are climber’s hills, where the rider would have to go out of the saddle. He went on to add that these climbs can be managed easily without having to push hard and that is why, it is not much of an advantage for him.

Alberto Contador mentioned that at the beginning, the road surface is a bit rough and so, the riders who are slightly heavier compared to him will have the advantage. Contador is a pre-race favorite to clinch the overall title in the Road World Championships, having won the Vuelta a Espana recently.


Alberto Contador Velasco is a Spanish professional cyclist and has achieved a rare feat of winning all three Grand Tours of tour cycling. He started cycling at a very young age of 15 and developed himself to be an all-rounder in cycling over the years as he excelled in all aspects of stage racing.

He has gone through some ups and downs in his professional career as he recovered from a surgery in his early days of his career and was tested positive for doping in year 2010. Sadly he was declared a drugs-doper in February 2012 and was forced to surrender his major titles and jerseys he won during this period. Continue reading “FOCUS ON CONTADOR”

Lefevere eyeing a deal with Contador

Yesterday there were indications in Belgian press that Alberto Contador is probably being aimed for a move to the Omega Pharma-QuickStep while his ban period finishes in August, and have been supported by comments from Patrick Lefevere, the team manager.

The fifty-seven year old Belgian comes out determined to get the Spanish bike rider from the Saxo Bank, who stays favorite to tie Alberto Contador down to a contract. Saxo Bank quashed their deal with Contador in the month of February after CAS given him a shun for examining positive for clenbuterol during the Tour de France 2010. Alberto Contador has suggested a come back to his ex team at several times points in last few weeks. It has not place Patrick Lefevere off the pursual for cycling’s top star arguably, even though he says that the scope of securing his sign still appers remote.

While speaking to Gazet Van Antwerpen, Lefevere stated that he is always interested in a free rider with great potential. He further added that he began this to Contador’s management and have been trying to pin a date for a chat. Both of them are no strangers to each other. He is just attempting to get an interview in June but he expects no result.

When questioned about how Alberto Contador could possibly be accommodated in his budget as well as his squad that has enjoyed superb success till this season, Patrick Lefevere told that they would get a path to get him in.

He added that money does not grow on backs, but as a champ they would make extra funds available for Alberto Contador. Also for some bike riders whom he prefers to be with him. They also have some guys who really know about climbing is. More than that, after this season there will be places free, as two of his riders are out of deal.