While incurring no serious injury and health problems, cyclist Alexander Contador is thoroughly angered at his late crash at the recent vuelta a espana.

The Spaniard was left with a series of bruises, scrapes and cuts. He was reported to have no broken bones. Contador had suffered a serious crash in the event that he believed was caused by another rider.

The first indication that things were going awry with Contador in the race was at around the end of the 7th stage where he had been at the lead of the pack with the others in hot pursuit behind him, a tinkoff staff had just emerged at the roundabout along puebla de sanabria waiting for the cyclist.

When in an unfortunate twist of events, Contador who had been in the lead up to the final kilometer did not appear in the group of riders coming through. The explanation for his absence and eventual loss was provided to his disappointed fans just a few minutes later as a wrecked Contador came crossing the finish line. Continue reading “CONTADOR FURIOUS AT VUELTA A ESPANA CRASH”