More and more of us are taking up cycling in the current global state. It is unsurprising. Costs are soaring and people are depressed about their financial situations. There are ways that cycling can improve your daily life.

Lose weight
It’s an obvious point, but true nonetheless. Cycling is an efficient and easy way to lose weight on a bike. More so than running. Before long your legs, bum and hips in particular will be toned. Cycle to work every day and you’ll counter the weight you’d gain sat at a desk all day.

Riding your bike in the morning is a tiring activity for when you have just awoken, but you feel refreshed and ready for the day. By the time you go to sleep again, you’ll find you’ll sleep more deeply than when you didn’t cycle. Insomniacs have found that they fall asleep in half the time once they took up cycling.

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