Tinker States Contador Is The Best Rider

Oleg Tinkov states that he finds Contador to be a strong competitor in the sport of cycling.

The owner of Tinkoff-Saxo, Oleg Tinkov states clearly that Contador is the best of his generation. Heading into the season of 2015, Alberto Contador is proving to be strong. He is attempting to win Tour de France as well as Giro d’Italia.

It is his 33rd year and he is opting for retirement as well but if he is going to capture doubles, he is sure to think about hanging up his boots. Going by the last year 2014, things are speeding up for him as it was calmer and lighter earlier.

There is no doubt that Contador has received criticisms in the past but for the upcoming generation as well as for the ongoing generation he is considered to be the best rider. His preparation for the dual round is undergoing, considering the effort with which he is performing in 2015.

Giro Tour is his focus and he should be on top after winning it. It might so happen that he continues it for three to four years more. The team has not discussed about it but believes that it will be solely his decision which he has to take with his mind. He is not concerned as to what his team will be up for his support rather he believes in delivering his best.

The aim of the team according to Tinkov is to get the yellow jersey and they are also waiting for an extra success and any amount of bonus is advantageous for the team as a whole. Contador on the other hand has his hopes pinned on winning the event for himself as well as for his team. His credulity is unmatchable which he wants to finish it on a high anyhow.

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