Wiggins, Pooley & Davies shine at British National time-trial championship

Sir Wiggins, Emma Pooley & Scott Davies emerged as the proud Brit National time-trial winners last Thursday with heroic performances at the esteemed Monmouthshire, Wales race.

It was the 3rd Brit time-trial win for Wiggins while Pooley proved her true elite class & Davies earned his much deserving win at men under-23 contest.

34-year-old Wiggins stunned everybody once again as he gallantly completed the twenty-six miles ling hilly course within 53 minutes & 56 seconds- just a minute before Geraint Thomas. Defending champ Alex Dowsett came up as the 3rd man.

“This is probably my last British time-trial championship so to win it and perhaps never come back again is a nice way to end it and add it to the Olympic title and try and win the worlds at the end of the year,” Wiggins said.

“This is most probably my final Brit time-trial tour & hence a win this time has made it a wonderful way to conclude it”, remarked Wiggins after the great win. The Team Sky man was the dominant lead post lap 1 of the thirteen mile circuit & he maintained his gap in the second lap as well.

It was the 3rd national title for Emma Pooley who beat Katie Archibald & Dame Storey to claim the first position.

“It has been quite some years since I have ridden national championships & every time I have ridden it, I have been the winner”, stated the winner lady. “It is really special as it has been quite some time since I have won a championship.”

Scott Davies is naturally ecstatic to create a record with his stunning finish within 27 minutes & 45 seconds that left a 20 seconds + margin. “I am just over moon”, was his exact remark after the grand win.

Writen by Liam